EU-Ukraine relations

After failure its diplomatic efforts to stop an EU-Ukraine Association agreement signature Russia began trade war against Ukraine. The game in diplomacy is over – Kremlin starts to use more traditional instruments.

There is nothing unexpectable or new. The same approach was used regarding Baltic states when they were on the way to NATO. But Ukraine is more important for Russia and worse situated to resist.

The European integration is strange and incomprehencible matter for the current Ukrainian authority. President Yanukovich and Ukrainian foreign ministry are keeping silence during almost week after Russia began its hard pressure. Normally they were to make political appraisement of the situation and stress on the determination to sign an Association agreement with the EU – since it is a reason for Russia’s attack.

But the EU is keeping silence as well, and it is also unnatural stance. Europe can not make a look that is it a deal only between Russia and Ukraine. Actually Brussels is a part of that war, and Ukraine’s loss will mean its loss too. Widelly, it is the war between the EU’s soft power and Russia’s traditional brutal pressure.

So the EU was to provide political support to Ukraine from the beginning of the story. And now has to think about further steps in close consultations with Ukrainian authority. Of course, if president Yanukovich and its entourage are still going to resist against Kremlin pressure and to sign an agreement with the EU. We do not know about that – but some EU leaders can call and ask.

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