EU-Ukraine relations

Will Ukraine be fulfilling the Council’s conditions for signature of its Association agreement with the EU – or will not? That is main question for the next EU-Ukraine summit scheduled for Monday, 25.

As for today the answer sounds “no”. Ukraine does nothing. More that, president Yanukovych does not demonstrate real intention to fulfill the conditions. The EU demands Ukraine to put an end to politically motivated persecution and conduct a number of reforms.

A new case against former premier-minister Yulia Tymoshenko looks like peculiar answer for the EU’s demand to stop selective justice. Ukrainian government has adopted a Plan of priority measures on European integration for 2013 – but everything related to reforms required is too general and looks like imitation of the intentions. Ukraine’s foreign minister Leonid Kozhara has stated there are not the EU’s conditions – there is just the EU’s “desire”. Certainly, that also means Ukraine does not have to fulfill it.

All above mentioned looks like de-facto refusal to sign an agreement under Council’s conditions. For the optimists next summit will be a possible break point or last chance to change the situation. Pessimists consider it like funeral ceremony for the Association agreement. Who of those are realists? We will understand it very soon after summit.


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