EU-Ukraine relations

Last week EU Commissioner on enlargement and European neighbourhood policy Štefan Füle has spent two days in Kyiv. His visit was the last high-level contact with Ukrainian authority before next EU-Ukraine summit, scheduled for February, 25 in Brussels.

Naturally, an Association agreement was the main issue of Füle’s visit. It is almost on the table – a technical works with the texts are finishing. So there comes a time when to take decision. Accordingly to Council conclusions made in last Deсember, in order to sign the agreement Ukraine has to fulfill a number of conditions.

Füle’s visit was valuable by number of clear messages:
– there is no progress in fulfillment of the conditions yet.
– the deadline for Association agreement’s signing is next November, at Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius.
– if the agreement not to be signed in Vilnuis, the deal will be postponed for years – probably till 2015 or 2016.
– Ukraine’s progress in fulfilment of the conditions should be tangible much before November – the European Commision will start its evaluation in few months, tentatively in May.

Everything looks clear. But what about the same clear messages from Ukrainian side? They are absent. Only general statements about wish to sign the Association agreement as soon as possible and Ukraine’s attempts to remove an obctacles for this.


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