EU-Ukraine relations

Finally, Foreign affaires Council has produced its conclusions on Ukraine. The Council has taken just about one and half month to react for Ukrainian parliamentary elections happened on October, 28 and to decide what to do with Ukraine further.

So it was unambiguously hard decision. The prospects of the Association agreement’s signature were the main subject. Shortly, Council’s conclusions mean that:

– approach based on the values has won within the EU – it is continuing stick to so called “conditionality”. In other words the agreement can be signed only if Ukraine will fulfil number of conditions – deliberation of opposition leaders, carrying out electoral and judicial reforms;
– most likely Association agreement will not be signed. Ukrainian authority and president Yanukovych in particular do not demonstrate any wish to fulfil the conditions or demands which would harm their total control over Ukraine.

The EU does not have enough influence to Ukrainian authority to push it towards real European integration. President Yanukovych does not have political will for pro-European transformations. In the end it is Ukrainians themselves who will decide about future of their country – whether it will be with United Europe or will slipp down to authoritarianism and return under Russia’s control. What can the EU do in the circumstances existing – to communicate more actively with Ukrainian society, explaining the benefits of European integration and Association agreement in particular, shaping demand for real, not declarative pro-European changes. Be more visible for the Ukrainians and more friendly regarding visas policy. It would be valuable help.

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