EU-Ukraine relations

Commission’s President Jose Manuel Barroso listed EU’s priorities for the Autumn. In particular he stressed on the need of Union’s help for Libya – „country emerging from 42 years of dictatorship into what we must all ensure is a bright, democratic future”, Barroso said in his video message.

Of course, Libya is very important. Hopefully, dramatic and bloody war will finish shortly and country will start its new era. It is not question should EU or not do all its best to support the Libyan people. Certainly, it should.

My question is why there is not any word about Ukraine in the message? In fact the next few months will be extraordinarily important for the future of EU-Ukraine relations, if not decisive.

On one bowl of scales is Association Agreement. In this Autumn Ukraine can become the first state of Eastern Partnership, with that negotiations on AA will be completed.

On other bowl is crash of these negotiations and foggy EU-Ukraine future. Possible imprisonment of former prime minister Yuliya Tymoshenko and further suppression of democracy will enable positive development in the relations between Ukraine and Europe.

Libya emerging from dictatorship, but Ukraine – biggest European state with about 500 km of common border with EU – can slip down to dictatorship. Should it be EU’s priority to avoid disastrous scenario? At least President Barroso in its message could mark importance of completion the negotiations on Association Agreement . He also could once again underline that necessary conditions for this are stopping political repressions and other undemocratic processes in Ukraine. It would take just one-two sentences in the message.

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