EU-Ukraine relations

After failure its diplomatic efforts to stop an EU-Ukraine Association agreement signature Russia began trade war against Ukraine. The game in diplomacy is over – Kremlin starts to use more traditional instruments. There is nothing unexpectable or new. The same approach was used regarding Baltic states when they were on the way to NATO. But… » read more

Last Saturday in Kyiv Russia’s president Vladimir Putin was describing longly the benefits what Ukraine got in Russia and Soviet empires. It was really funny to watch that nothing changed in the mind of Kremlin leaders. The rhetoric used in communist times remains the same in nowadays. “No man putteth new wine into old bottles”,… » read more

Will Ukraine be fulfilling the Council’s conditions for signature of its Association agreement with the EU – or will not? That is main question for the next EU-Ukraine summit scheduled for Monday, 25. As for today the answer sounds “no”. Ukraine does nothing. More that, president Yanukovych does not demonstrate real intention to fulfill the… » read more

Last week EU Commissioner on enlargement and European neighbourhood policy Štefan Füle has spent two days in Kyiv. His visit was the last high-level contact with Ukrainian authority before next EU-Ukraine summit, scheduled for February, 25 in Brussels. Naturally, an Association agreement was the main issue of Füle’s visit. It is almost on the table… » read more

Former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko can get imprisonment for life. Ukraine’s prosecutor’s office has officially accused her of murder of MP Evgen Shcherban on 1996. Certainly, the accusations are highly doubtful and are a continuation of opposition leader’s persecution. But in the same time it is demonstrative message to the EU – president Yanukovych is… » read more

The manoeuvring between West and East was common Ukraine’s business for many years. So called “multi-vectorial foreign policy” meant to keep distance from Russia and to speak about European integration as top priority for the country. Practically, Ukraine did not make a choice yet. Country was indeed avoiding both integration processes led by Russia and… » read more

Finally, Foreign affaires Council has produced its conclusions on Ukraine. The Council has taken just about one and half month to react for Ukrainian parliamentary elections happened on October, 28 and to decide what to do with Ukraine further. So it was unambiguously hard decision. The prospects of the Association agreement’s signature were the main… » read more

Everything has happened even worse than expected. “The 28 October parliamentary elections were characterized by the lack of a level playing field, caused primarily by the abuse of administrative resources, lack of transparency of campaign and party financing, and lack of balanced media coverage. Certain aspects of the pre-election period constituted a step backwards compared… » read more

Next Sunday Ukrainians will be electing new parliament – Verkhovna Rada. EU-Ukraine relations were not among most discussed issues in electoral campaign. Ukrainian politicians are traditionally stuck in the mutual accusations and shallow disputes on internal development. But in the same time the event has huge importance for further dialog between Ukraine and Union. Free… » read more

According to the last poll conducted by Democratic Initiatives Foundation together with Oleksandr Razumkov Centre, about 44 % of Ukrainians are willing enter the EU and about 38% have a negative attitude to this idea. Of course, the question is very theoretical since Ukraine does not have membership perspectives. But the fact that only minority… » read more